SLT & Mobitel extends rural connectivity solutions to Kelinkanda in Baduraliya

SLT & Mobitel extends rural connectivity solutions to Kelinkanda in Baduraliya 
Reiterating its commitment in powering rural areas with supreme connectivity solutions, the SLT group took prompt measures to expand connectivity solutions to rural areas by providing voice and 4G connectivity to the Kelinkanda area located in Baduraliya. 
This joint endeavor by the SLT group will facilitate the core objective of the “Gamata Sannivedanaya” Project launched by the Government which aims to reduce the digital divide by empowering people with connectivity solutions. Further, the initiative will also strengthen Telecommunication Regulatory Commission’s (TRC) initiative in providing adequate connectivity to the children in Kelinkanda who studied on the roadside due to lack of connectivity. 
Children studying on the roadside to get 4G connectivity for studies before implementation of the Mobitel Site.
Mobitel facilitating students’ ICT needs by providing desktop computers equipped with 4G connectivity.
SLT and Mobitel established connectivity by implementing a permanent base station to provide high quality voice services and superfast 4G connectivity to schools in the Baduraliya area. In addition, the group also donated financial aid, school accessories and desktop computers to Kelinkanda Janapadaya Primary School and Kelinkanda Kanitu Vidhuhala to support the children’s ICT requirements and empower them with digital learning facilities. 
Commenting on the initiative, Lalith Seneviratne, Group CEO of SLT & Mobitel said “The SLT Group is committed to supporting and uplifting the lives of people, especially those in rural areas by providing unparalleled connectivity solutions. The expansion of this project is part of our continuing effort to bridge Sri Lanka’s digital divide and further strengthens our vision in creating a knowledge rich society. As the Nation’s communication provider, we will continue to expand and power rural areas by providing supreme connectivity solutions and lead Sri Lanka towards the next phase of digital revolution.”
In addition, SLT & Mobitel laid the foundation for the development of first IT laboratory which will be established in the Kelinkanda Kanitu Viduhala in the near future. The ceremony was graced by Mr. Oshada Senanayake, Director General of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) and Mr. Shashika Senerath, Chief Marketing Officer of Mobitel  along with other officials from the SLT-Mobitel Group.   
With a vision to provide supreme connectivity to all Sri Lankans, Mobitel pioneered Sub-1G broadband in Sri Lanka back in 2019 and is proud to announce the implementation of over 2000 LTE 850MHz sites across the island, facilitating and strengthening the Government and TRCSL’s tireless efforts toward creating digital inclusivity for Sri Lanka’s younger and future generations.
Mr. Oshada Senanayake, Director General of TRCSL handing over stationery items to Kelinkanda students accompanied by Mobitel officials 
Kelinkanda students experiencing newly established 4G connectivity by Mobitel. 
 Permeant Base station that will provide high quality voice and 4G connectivity 


Released date: 
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
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