SLT-MOBITEL continues to empower rural schools with Bus Libraries

SLT-MOBITEL continues to empower rural schools with Bus Libraries

Continuing its efforts in empowering rural schools with access to information, SLT-MOBITEL recently handed over another School Bus Library as a part of an ongoing CSR project aimed at transforming decommissioned SLTB Buses into fully fledged libraries. Borawewa Maha Vidyalaya, Maho received this bus library. The initiative is carried out in partnership with Manusath Derana, Sri Lanka National Library and Sri Lanka Transport Board.

SLT-MOBITEL recognizes that every student needs access to educational resources and technology to excel, especially in rural communities which lacks these facilities. In efforts to bridge the digital divide faced by these students and achieve technology equity, SLT-MOBITEL have embarked on the modernization of school buses into knowledge hubs. Under this Project 25 SLTB buses will be handed over to schools in 25 districts. These buses will be renovated and transformed into modern, fully-equipped mobile libraries providing students with reading facilities, access to Wi-Fi connectivity and relevant support systems. The project will empower rural schools and children by providing access to information technology and knowledge, helping them bridge the digital divide.

Officials representing SLT-MOBITEL together with students, teachers and the school principal were present at the event.

Released date: 
Thursday, August 19, 2021
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