SLT-MOBITEL heralds new era of connectivity with Anytime Unlimited Internet packages for the first time in Sri Lanka

Attractive Mobile and Home packages to suit everyone’s need

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT and Telecommunications Services Provider, is revolutionizing the market with an array of new Unlimited AnyTime internet packages for fixed line and mobile customers, including Pre-Paid and Post-Paid, as never experienced before.
SLT-MOBITEL understands that customers have transformed the way they work, the lifestyle they lead and their demand for data is only set to increase. The Unlimited AnyTime internet packages are devised to cater to the diverse customer profiles ranging from, Digital Nomads, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs and for the retail sector.
All Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Mobile Broadband users can now enjoy an array of exciting plans priced according to their wants and needs. Packages with speeds up to 1 Mbps range from a Rs.220 daily rate and on to Rs. 375, Rs. 551 and Rs. 1431 respectively for 3 days, 7days and a month. For customers with a bigger need for speed can access internet up to 2 Mbps at a cost of Rs.391, Rs.661, Rs.970 and Rs.2533 for use over a day, 3 days, 7 days and a month, respectively.
Further, SLT-MOBITEL has a mega package for heavy Mobile internet users, with speeds up to a whopping 4 Mbps, costing Rs.727 on a daily basis, Rs.1240 for a 3 day run, Rs.1824 for a week and Rs.4737 for a whole month of unlimited data at an unmatched speed.
Both mobile and home broadband users and aspirants too have the option of accessing unlimited internet packages based on bandwidth and period of validity, allowing them the freedom of affordable, unlimited data.
Customers currently using SLT 4G LTE, ADSL Home Broadband and Fiber customers are in for a treat with multiple packages priced according to preferred bandwidth being made available for them to transfer to, while new customers can make use of the promotions and offers on devices and data on offer during the promotional period.
Be it for gaming on the go, data for streaming, uploading, downloading, Vlogging, blogging, or virtual reality SLT-MOBITEL’s Unlimited AnyTime Data packages, customers will be able to use their devices without worrying about ever running out of data, and not having to count the minutes to go online. These packages are designed to offer customers the highest quality experience, value and flexibility, propelling the country into the digital age. For more information on the best package for you, please visit or




Released date: 
Thursday, April 22, 2021
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