SLT-MOBITEL Provides Immersive Virtual Experience for Devout Ruwanwelisaya Pilgrims to Mark Poson Poya

SLT-MOBITEL Provides Immersive Virtual Experience for Devout Ruwanwelisaya Pilgrims to Mark Poson Poya


President Gotabaya Rajapaksha along with senior officials of SLT-MOBITEL inaugurated the Hyper Realistic Multi-Sensory 3D experience of the Ruwanwelisaya for the Poson season; providing a unique virtual immersive experience for SLT-MOBITEL devotees to fulfill their religious needs, by participating in the pilgrimage, as if they were physically present while at the safety of their homes.


Understanding the yearning of devout pilgrims to undertake their spiritual journey to Ruwanwelisaya during Poson, The National ICT, Telecommunications and Mobile Services Provider made arrangements to provide ‘Hyper Realistic Multi-Sensory Experience in 3D – 360° experience thus empowering pilgrims to fulfill their spiritual necessities during the prevailing COVID pandemic.


By visiting the, pilgrims can devoutly make the journey to the revered site, considered one of the most sacred places in Sri Lanka.


SLT-MOBITEL has once again launched this digital activation to provide devotees accessibility to a novel spiritual pilgrimage at Ruwanwelisaya during Poson Poya and the company initiated this activation for pilgrims last year too, providing access to Mihintale through SLT-MOBITEL’s cutting edge hyper realistic 3D virtual experience.


Devotees can access the 360° 3D tour of Ruwanwelisaya and are able to take their preferred path to reach the top of the sacred site by maneuvering arrows on the portal. The tour also offers audio effects enhancing the truly immersive experience and offers pilgrims to listen to Rathana Suthraya in view of invoking blessings upon Sri Lankans to overcome the challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic.


Released date: 
Friday, June 25, 2021
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