Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Partners with Mobitel to launch ‘Ran Piyapath’ – a novel Communication solution for migrant workers

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Partners with Mobitel to launch ‘Ran Piyapath’ – a novel Communication solution for migrant workers


Understanding the challenges and the long felt need of foreign migrant workers in connecting with their loved ones, Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) joined hands with Mobitel on 16th September 2019 to launch ‘Ran Piyapath’, a novel concept devised to empower both the migrant workers and their families back home by providing an accessible and affordable communication solution.  

Over the years, nearly 1 million people have migrated for work, bringing in significant foreign exchange to Sri Lanka. ‘Ran Piyapath’ provides a special communication package for migrant workers and an affordable local package for their family members who are back in Sri Lanka. Through this offering, Mobitel has filled the void in the market by offering customers a tailor made package, enabling them to connect with their loved ones  through video calling, voice calls SMS or any other medium.

The roaming package for migrant workers offer free rental during the 1st month, free 200 minutes call time to Sri Lanka, free calls to the SLBFE hotline via 1989; and provides a special benefit package from the second month onwards whilst the local package will provide free 1000 minutes call time and SMS to Mobitel networks coupled with free 1000 MB data for their families who are back in Sri Lanka.  Thoughtfully designed to provide value for money, after the 1st month, Ran Piyapath customers can reload their packages from Sri Lanka, through mCash, or by visiting Further, Mobitel has also partnered with global service providers such as Ding, TransferTo, D told, Lanka reload, Matrix, Tranglo, Kapruka and Teleseene to provide convenient options for migrant workers to reload by simply visiting one of these partners.

Every year, thousands of workers from Sri Lanka travel overseas for employment in order to support their families back home. It is a difficult phase for them as they are away from their loved ones, including family and friends who are left behind in Sri Lanka. Loneliness is a dominant feeling for these workers, but now with ‘Ran Piyapath’ migrant workers can feel confident to get connected with their loved ones. Care has been taken to ensure that the roaming package for the migrant worker and a local package for the loved ones in Sri Lanka, offering high quality, easily accessible and affordable communication solution.

Mobitel’s collaboration with SLBFE has proved to be a defining moment as now the migrant workers who work hard overseas can easily connect with their loved ones through a secure, reliable and economical connectivity. Led by the credo, ‘We care. Always.’ Mobitel strives to ensure its consumers are always connected with their loved ones by providing the best products and services that are easy to use and value for money.

Mr. D.D.P Senanayake, Additional General Manager, SLBFE, Nalin Perera, CEO, Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd., P.G Kumarasinghe Sirisena, Group Chairman SLT and Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd., Hon. Harin Fernando, Minster of Telecommunication, Foreign Employment and Sports, Hon. MP. Manusha Nanayakkara, Hon. Hector Appuhamy, Monitoring MP Foreign Employment, Mr. A.A.M Hilme, Chairman, SLBFE.


Released date: 
Thursday, October 17, 2019
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