Mobitel offers unlimited YouTube for Rs. 249

25GB additional data for HD YouTube streaming on 4G Network
Fulfilling the demands for unlimited YouTube streaming on mobile devices, Mobitel has launched a highly affordable data package, offering both Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Mobitel subscribers the opportunity to watch their favourite movies, TV shows and unlimited streaming on YouTube for as low as Rs 249 + taxes per month. In addition, Customers who are on the 4G network can enjoy an additional 25GB data on HD streaming and experience crystal clear video experience. Customers who are not on the 4G network can enjoy unlimited streaming on Standard (SD) quality. 
With this new offer, Mobitel is further enhancing the video experience for its subscribers by continuously adding new streaming services which are popular both locally and globally. Customers can simply dial #170# and proceed to content based plans and then selecting YouTube to activate the package. As the leader in Mobile Broadband services, Mobitel is committed to providing industry-leading unlimited video streaming experience to all customers and passing on the benefit of how new technology can elevate their lifestyle.  
Mobitel was continuously awarded the Speedtest Award by Ookla, the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network and internet performance testing applications. Mobitel’s continuous commitment to improve 4G LTE technology has enhanced the superior user experience of enjoying high definition videos and Multimedia Online Gaming (MMOG). Mobitel also recently enhanced its 4G LTE network coverage by innovatively deploying its existing 900MHz spectrum. This initiative is Sri Lanka’s first and has significantly enhanced Sri Lanka’s 4G LTE coverage and LTE MIMO technology, making Mobitel the No.1 network in Sri Lanka.
Released date: 
Wednesday, මාර්තු 11, 2020

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