Sports 1st Mobitel Platinum Awards 2014 concludes with resounding success

Sports 1st Mobitel Platinum Awards 2014 concludes with resounding success
02nd December 2014, Colombo; The National Mobile Service Provider Mobitel together with Sports 1st facilitated the prestigious Sports 1st Mobitel Platinum Awards 2014 a few days ago, to give recognition for the sporting achievements of hundreds of sportsmen and sportswomen in a wide range of sports categories from across the country for the first time, going down in history as the ultimate and only awards to give recognition to sports in Sri Lanka.
Mobitel, that stands by its slogan "We Care. Always.” joined hands with Sports 1st in an exciting initiative to reward and give recognition to the talent, sheer discipline and unwavering determination of the country’s biggest sporting talents who have brought pride to the country with blood, sweat and tears in the spirit of sportsmanship. 
Organised for the first time in Sri Lanka, the winners of the Sports 1st Mobitel Platinum Awards 2014 were chosen from 22 sports awards categories including Most Popular Sportsman, Upcoming Athlete of the Year, Best Cricketer of the Year,  School Cricketer of the Year, Comeback of the Year Award, Lifetime Achievement Award among other categories. 
The primary goal of the sports initiative is to recognise Sri Lankan sports stars for their efforts in keeping the passion of sports alive in the hearts of Sri Lankans and to celebrate their achievements each year. The awards also aim to promote the talent and training of the multitude of local sportsmen and women to drive to the forefront in world renowned sports competitions. 
The nominees and final winners of each awards category were decided by an exclusive judging panel comprising popular sportsmen and women and some of Sri Lanka’s top corporate business personalities who have made a name in the sports arena. The final decision on the winner of the Most Popular Sportsman of the Year Award was determined by the people via an SMS vote. 
The awards preparations in the months leading upto the Sports 1st Mobitel Platinum Awards 2014 was set ablaze in 30 regions countrywide through a series of major road shows to promote the awards and sporting achievements in the country.
Caption 1:

CEO of Mobitel- Ranjith G. Rubasinghe and Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organization Limited Rudrani Balasubramaniam presenting the Most Popular Sportsman of the Year 2014 award to Angelo Mathews.  

Also seen in the picture are Chandima Rodrigo Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organization Limited along with nominees for the category TM Dilshan, Lasith Malinga and Manju Wanniarachchi at the momentous occasion.


Released date: 
Tuesday, දෙසැම්බර් 2, 2014

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