Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival and Musical Show delights residents of Elpitiya

Mobitel Cash Bonanza  Carnival and Musical Show delights residents of Elpitiya

The National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, successfully concluded the 38th episode of its much acclaimed loyalty rewards programme with the ‘Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival and musical Show’ at the Elpitiya Public Grounds to the delight of the residents of the area. The event concluded on a very high note with the enthusiastic participation and overwhelming support of their much loyal customers. This unique and exciting draw has found favour amongst its growing and established clientele as one of the most rewarding, extravagant and superior lucky draws in the country, consecutively carried forward for 3 years with much momentum. Mobitel Cash Bonanza carnival has emerged to be one of the most awaited events of the year with people across the country enthusiastically awaiting their towns and village centres to be selected as the next carnival venue. It has become an event that combines next generation technology with entertainment and fun where friends and family could have an enjoyable day making memories and having a good time. 
The Mobitel Cash Bonanza carnival and musical show has found much favour amongst the old and the young irrespective of gender as a unique, one of a kind extravagant experience and is a highly anticipated event. The national mobile service provider pays much attention and care in selecting the event venue making sure it could accommodate a large number of people and ensuring the event is made accessible to all free of charge. Also a leading musical band is signed up as the entertainment provider for the musical show for the evening and the event in Elpitiya saw the band SANIDAPA mesmerizing the crowds with their much admired musical skills. 
The carnival was marked with a hoard of engaging and entertaining activities throughout the day, inclusive of Bunjee jumping, art competitions, IOT workshops, kids play area and Mobitel services and product kiosks. The highlight of the event was the special medical clinic that was organized by Mobitel together with the participation of specialist medical practitioners. The elderly were able to access free of charge specialist medical checkups for blood pressure, blood sugar, eye care and vision related issues. The ‘gaming zone’ powered by the high speed Mobitel 4G internet connection, was another favourite amongst the crowd and saw the much animated participation of the young and the old alike. Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival has established a name for its profound nature as a platform where technology is combined with entertainment and as a dais that adds luck and meaning to life. 
The highlight of the event was the eye clinic organized by Mobitel as part of their Corporate Responsibility Initiative for the benefit of the senior citizens of ‘Mobitel Upahara’ scheme. This special eye clinic with the participation of renowned eye surgeons and optometrists saw the distribution of 1000 reading glasses amongst the senior citizens. Furthermore, another useful and popular addition was the National Identity Card registration kiosk that was established at the premises for the ease of people seeking to obtain and renew their national identity cards. 
All prepaid, post-paid and broad band connection and every recharge of 50 Rupees automatically qualify the customers for the Mobitel Cash Bonanza draw. The customers with pre-paid connections would be entitled for an equal talk time reflective of the amount won and post-paid connections are entitled to receive a discount from the consecutive bill reflective of the amount won. The winners would be contacted by post and through the Mobitel customer care hotline 071 27 55 777 with no extra charges levied for any of the prizes won.  
Released date: 
வெள்ளிக்கிழமை, March 29, 2019

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