Mobitel takes pilgrims on a virtual pilgrimage to Mihinthalaya on Poson Poya

Mobitel takes pilgrims on a virtual pilgrimage to Mihinthalaya on Poson Poya
Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, took its customers on a pioneering spiritual journey to Mihinthalaya on the occasion of Poson Poya recently in the form of a 3D Immersive Experience Tour!  As a result of prevailing social distancing directives, devout pilgrims missed out on their annual pilgrimage to Mihinthalaya this Poson Poya, considered one of the sacred places in Sri Lanka for Buddhists. Understanding the need for people to fulfill their religious rituals, Mobitel conceptualized an immersive virtual tour for pilgrims to take part in the pilgrimage in Mihinthalaya, as if they were physically present. In partnership with Arimac, and supported by Mobitel, the ‘Hyper Realistic Multi-Sensory Experience in 3D – 360°’ was a unique digital activation launched by Mobitel on Poson Poya and made accessible for all Mobitel customers, making this the first initiative of its kind in the country. Mobitel will be extending this novel spiritual experience to facilitate pilgrims during the upcoming Poya days as well.
Taking the 360° 3D tour of Mihinthalaya provides maneuvering arrows for virtual pilgrims to take their preferred path to reach the top of the sacred site. The tour could be accessed by pilgrims via web or mobile portals. Suitable audio effects provided a truly immersive experience. The historic view of the sacred Mihinthalaya was depicted in 360° view which users could maneuver on any device. This digital experience provided by Mobitel is unique and the first-ever of its kind in Sri Lanka. 
Released date: 
புதன்கிழமை, June 17, 2020

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