SLT- Mobitel Partners Manusath Derana to Transform Decommissioned Buses into Libraries

SLT- Mobitel Partners Manusath Derana to Transform Decommissioned Buses into Libraries
Project will empower 25 rural schools across the country
SLT & Mobitel partnered with Manusath Derana on a national level CSR project that aims to convert decommissioned SLTB buses into fully-fledged libraries. The initiative is carried out in partnership with the National Library of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB). 
As the National Telecommunication Service Provider, SLT & Mobitel recognizes the importance school libraries have on improving student literacy and learning outcomes in Sri Lanka. The SLT group has been committed to supporting the educational landscape by providing quality access to reading materials through e-Learning, m-Learning platforms thus empowering thousands of students, graduates and other knowledge seekers across the country. The 25 libraries will act as learning centers, providing equal opportunities for students with accessible educational resources and inculcating the habit of reading. 
From Left
Mr. Mahesh Jayawardena - Project Chairman, Manusath Derana, Mr. Madhawa Madawala - Chief Executive Officer, TV Derana, Mr. Lalith Seneviratne - Group CEO, SLT & Mobitel, Mr. Prabath Dahanayake – Chief Marketing Officer, SLT, Mr. Shashika Senerath - Chief Marketing Officer, Mobitel.
Released date: 
வியாழக்கிழமை, September 17, 2020

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