Mobitel and Ministry of Education digitizes Grade 5 Scholars’ school application process

Mobitel and Ministry of Education digitizes Grade 5 Scholars’ school application process
Hon Minister of Education, (Prof.) G. L. Peiris and Group CEO of SLT and Mobitel, Mr. Lalith Seneviratne (Center) along with Mobitel Chief Marketing Officer Shashika Senerath, Mobitel Senior General Manger, Information Technology Saman Perera (Right), Prof. K. Kapila C.K. Perera, State Secretary State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre-schools and Primary Education, School Infrastructure and Education Service, Mrs. K.M.S.D. Jayasekara, (Left) 
Continuing its commitment in transforming Sri Lanka with Digitization, Mobitel, the National Mobile Service Provider together with the Ministry of Education, launched an online system to facilitate the evaluation of Grade 5 scholarship results for school application. . Upon receiving outstanding marks at the highly competitive Grade 05 Scholarship exams, students currently rely on a manual system that is prone to human setbacks and unexpected delays, causing inconvenience when applying for new schools. Understanding this void, Mobitel collaborated with the Ministry of Education to create this online evaluation system that will facilitate the assessment of school applications based on the results of grade 5 scholarship students. The launch of the program was held on the 10th December under the patronage of Minister of Education, Hon. (Prof.) G. L. Peiris and the Group CEO of SLT and Mobitel, Mr. Lalith Seneviratne along with higher officials from both the Ministry of Education and the SLT Group. 
The new system comprises of a three-layer solution,  namely, The Ministry level, which will consist of system administration of the selection process, application management & all other administrative functionalities; Education Zonal level, for operations and monitoring; and the School level operations, where school Principals select and apply to schools on behalf of the scholarship eligible students. The platform will provide an easy to use and digitized solution for the provision of shortlisting schools for eligible students.
Hon Minister of Education, (Prof.) G. L. Peiris, Launching the newly developed online system.
The key benefits of the new online system include a completely automated Application Management & Selection process; elimination of the paper-based process, much more accuracy, efficiency and much more convenience for the parents, schools and the Ministry of Education. The system can be operated simply from anywhere over the internet. Additionally, the data and statistics recorded by the system can be used for the betterment of the future education in Sri Lanka.
the new online system offers a predefined grace period which allows amendments to the initially selected schools, enabling more choice for the students. This facility ensures a hassle-free ‘Change of Mind’ period, where parents can easily amend the applied list of schools within the application calling period, through the system.
Released date: 
Wednesday, දෙසැම්බර් 16, 2020

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