Mobitel successfully hosts ‘Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018’ for 5th year

Mobitel successfully hosts  ‘Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018’ for 5th year

Tony Weeresinghe Founding CEO and Chairman of Ustocktrade LLC presenting 'FO MO - FEAR OF MISSING OUT'
Mobitel, Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider recently hosted the Extended event of the highly anticipated Google I/O 2018 on 08 May 2018 at the Stein Studio Complex in Ratmalana, for the 5th time in Sri Lanka. This was the local extension of Google I/O - an annual global developer event. The local extension of the global event brings local developer communities together to experience the I/O keynote and sessions with one another in real-time, around the globe. A highlight included was the keynote session conducted by Sundar Pichai - Chief Executive Officer of Google on the latest product and platform innovations at Google.
The participants of the event comprised of over 2300 developers, ICT professionals, industry leaders, university students and young tech-savvy innovators. The exciting and interactive overnight event featuring a live stream from San Francisco focused on next-gen technology, mobile innovation and was moderated by renowned local speakers. 
For the 05th year, Mobitel has proudly stepped forward to host the Google I/O event in Sri Lanka to benefit the local developer community and to elevate access to global advances in the field. Mobitel’s innovative services are enhancing communication, technology, health, and IT literacy opportunities for citizens already by boosting data usage through solutions that meet customers’ daily usage requirements to enhance their lives.
Dr Shamil Appathurai Senior Manager - Network Strategy & Transformation- Mobitel, sharing his knowledge on ‘DEVELOPER JOURNEY IN NARROWBAND IOT (NB-IOT)'

Registration at ‘Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018’

Over 2,300 participants at Stein Studios

A Participant uses MRobot Augmented Reality launched by Mobitel


Released date: 
Friday, මැයි 11, 2018

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